A Journey to Human Harmony

In her new online course The Tree of Life, Lori Morrison takes participants beyond the veil of ordinary understanding into the energy matrix of the soul's journey. Lori gracefully guides you into alignment with a higher frequency for creating a life of infinite possibilities. By gathering Mayan wisdom and cutting edge quantum technology through the ancient symbolism of the Tree of Life, Lori is able to change the structure of your thoughts and get you to a balance of the mind, body and soul. By clearing the “lasagne” of layers and layers of limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning she gracefully guides the soul smack into the center of the heart. There, through resonance testing you are placed into alignment with a higher vibrational frequency for creating a life of infinite possibilities.


First, we will talk about the importance of the Tree of Life as a symbol that is found in all of the world's civilizations. Did you know that this symbol has been found in the oldest ancient site on the planet? It is believed to be 12,000 years old, but what does it mean? We see this symbol in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and all of the ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Mayans. What were they trying to express to humankind about our existence here on the planet? We dive deep into understanding this message in a simple and modern way to see what secrets it holds for us now.


We start before our birth at a pre-birth session where we design a personal template of our journey to earth. We realize that our path is of learning so we begin to take steps to understand the “University of Earth” and our course curriculum while here. We then go to the roots of the tree, a place described as the beginning of creation. We will learn about the seven energy centers that store our life experiences. Through awareness and intention we start by cleaning up the layers and layers of conditioning and borrowed beliefs that have molded us into the person we have become. We finish by clearing  “tribal” contracts with those who have left an imprint on us of smothering responsibilities and crippling fears and judgement.

- Understanding your journey is one of learning and the
  discovery of your course curriculum at the University of Earth.

- Understanding your seven energy centers.

- Busting Beliefs.

- Re-negotiating contracts with our “tribe”.

- Emerging from our lasagne of fears.


We continue up the tree and layer by layer we remove fear based emotions. In this class we focus on relationships and understand our capacity for love and the barriers that keep us from attracting the right people into our lives. We also look at how we define love and start to identify the fears and conflicts that we have inside. We come to realize that relationships are our greatest opportunity for learning so we begin to embrace in a safe and nurturing way our soul. 

- The lessons that relationships teach us.

- Understanding our capacity for love and being loved.

- Attracting the right people into our lives.

- Developing relationships that nurture our soul.


Who are you, really? How do your thoughts create your reality? What would become of you if you did not have any fear? We talk about the image and personality that you have designed for yourself, often with little input from your soul. We take a tough look at the voices in your head and take a sledgehammer to antiquated thinking and an overzealous survival mode. We learn to honor ourselves and realize that it requires boundaries to do so. We also talk about expectations and illusions and the futility of wants and needs driven by fear and ego. We end by realizing your personal power is not about ego but about an abundance of positive thinking. We redefine your personality to align with your soul’s journey. 

- Redefining your personality.

- Re-aligning the voices in your head and taming an overzealous           survival mode. 

- Boundaries for honoring yourself.

- The futility of expectations and illusions.

- Finding your real power for abundance in your life.


We take a sacred journey to the heart, the place of emotions. Here we extract the mind from the equation and view our life from a different perspective. We realize that this separation can help us to see who we are and our role in our personal evolution. We take on the tough emotions and grind them down into a manageable place. We honor the human experience but realize that the resonance that we walk in the world with is the key to arriving at love for life. We will use cutting edge technology to measure your resonance and get you out of controlling, shaming, judging and disappointing yourself and others. This is the most difficult journey but the most rewarding. We end by creating a new frequency that extends out into the world and brings us a mirror of our healthy desires and values. 

- Taking a sacred journey to the depths of your heart.

- Getting to the guts of your emotions.

- Creating a vibrational reflection of your soul in the universal field of energy.

- Finding your real power for abundance in your life.


You are now ready to speak your truth and bring the impeccable story of who you really are into the world. Here, the soul speaks. When we have aligned all of the lower energies we get you to a place of trust . We learn about the power of words and vibration. What is just the right way of expressing who we are? We go deeper into the understanding of creating a life of truth.

- Speaking your truth.

- Trust in your journey.

- How to surrender.

- The power of words and thought.


We have arrived at the place of intuition where we leave the intellect behind and learn to trust our innate sense of the journey. This is when we tune into that internal GPS and put it to work navigating into the sensory world. We discuss constructing a healthy relationship with the world of energy and spirit. By helping you to design a spiritual practice you will have the ability to change the framework around the way you walk in the world. We arrive at emotional maturity and a fine tuned signal that reaches far beyond your wildest dreams. 

- Calibrating your internal GPS System.

- Healthy Relationships with the spirit world.

- Designing your spiritual practice.

- Emotional maturity.


Finally, you are connected to the divine source, a vibration that exists deep in universal world, what the Mayan call the Hu naku. Connecting with this infinite generator of energy you will find the place where every path and possibility exists for you. By exposing the innocence of the soul and revealing its real and rare form we walk with source. Here you will finally reach the potential for finding you and begin to walk in the world with purpose and meaning.

- Connecting to the divine.

- The realization of purpose.

- Revelation of the soul’s plan.

- Asking the bigger questions beyond the human mind.

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